Your New Fortune is Not a High Investment Opportunity!

So you are sitting there in front of your computer searching for that opportunity made for people like you. Work from home is today’s slogan and I know you have been sitting with Internet day in and day out to find one that can build Your New Fortune and when you find one you can fire your boss and sit at home to build Your New Fortune.

But accepted problem though is that this searching period is very tough and you have so many confusions in your mind regarding so many tempting opportunities. I do not want to add more to it. But I earnestly feel that a true way to be financially free is to work for you. Read this outsider’s review of one home-based business opportunity.

The work from home business that I dug deep recently was Your New Fortune. The system comes to you at $69.95. To start a franchise of a company you may have to invest in millions or at least in thousands but your new fortune is a franchise of EDC and it comes at less than $100. The system recently had a facelift and it follows a 1 up system where one sale is passed to the sponsor. The commission or payout offered in the system is 100%.

Your New Fortune is a feeder program and once a member starts earning, he can always graduate himself to the other two higher levels of the EDC system called EDC Gold and Easy Daily Cash at either $997 or $397.

Your New Fortune is a system that lets everyday average people like you and me to make at least little income from home with out too much of upfront investment. Having said so, one thing should be borne in mind. The amount of time and efforts you need to invest with your new fortune program remains just the same like you would do for either EDC Gold or Easy Daily Cash. Therefore setting up budget for advertising the program is very crucial. You may have to initially run the system with a shoestring budget and try and utilize all the available free advertising campaigns.

The sponsors also warn the YNF members about expecting giant flow of cashes instantly. They remark that Your New Fortune system is not a become-millionaire campaign and that it should be looked up as a business opportunity suitable for the financially challenged. The EDC duplicated system works the same way for all of the 3 levels in the program. Your New Fortune can be regarded as a testing tool before one chooses to graduate for more money making opportunity with EDC Gold.

For critical evaluation and information about how the opportunity of Your New Fortune works visit this detailed expert EDC Gold review [] and a sponsor/mentor of EDC Gold [] is ready to clear any doubts you may have.

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